Thursday 31st March 2016

Usual work day. On the way to the bus, checked the Go Card and it was $0.50 in the red. Got online and topped up the card, but when I went to “touch on” on the bus, it said insufficient funds. The bus driver marked me as extra passenger, and when I tried it again at Narangba train station, it accepted the touch. Phew!

Realised that I hadn’t set up the Facebook event for Friday’s Brisbane CBD walk. Also needed a banner reflecting my intentions for these events. Constructed an appropriate one and looks awesome.

After posting the event on Facebook, waited for the responses, and they came in. Looks like I will have a bit of a group tomorrow! Can’t wait.

The rest of the day was a normal day for work, with a couple of files completed and one for tomorrow.

I must add however, congratulations to Rahul in his ascendancy to Manager of our area! Celebrated with coffee and free pretzel from Toby’s Estate.

Stuffed around getting home and caught the later bus. Bit cooler anyway! Getting dark now to get home. Luckily I have a torch.

At home, noticed a post from SEQ Catchments requesting assistance to locate Dutchman’s Pipe and invasive weed which is reducing the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. This post was converted into a email and sent to clubs.


Wednesday 30th March 2016

BGL was 5.8. Usual work day, with the bonus of pay day!

Paid outstanding bills and registered for the Great Ocean Road Walk. Then finalised my fundraising and training plan which included club walks, Friday lunchtime walks, and SEQInstapeaksForDiabetes.

Having decided on this program GORW2016 Fundraising Timetable the first event a walk to St Brigids Catholic Church on top of one of the lesser hills in Brisbane at Red Hill on Saturday 02/04/2016, meeting in the forecourt of Suncorp Stadium and doing a circuit walk of 3.7 km.

Hope the idea for fundraising works. I seem to have enough variety in the chosen peaks that I will have wins and losses. I can track the fundraising to provide better targeting.
The rest of the day was a fairly normal day.

Tuesday 29th March 2016

Back to work today. After losing a pair of trousers etc. last week on the train, luckily I found another pair of trousers.

The BGL this morning was 5.4…seems I am better off camping after all.

Started receiving the list of bills due in the next fortnight pay cycle, and I think I can get the $300 registration to Diabetes Qld tomorrow.

Then I start my fund-raising planning…for instameets on peaks and hills around Brisbane. The #SEQInstapeaksForDiabetes … sounds cool . Will run it by Charlotte with my plan.

Contacted by Ian Brown, ex-NSW NPS anger about remote camping in national parks in Qld. He can’t understand how the permit system works and how you can camp anywhere remote when you have to nominate the location of the camp in a designated campground. Food for thought with the impending MOU update.

Also contacted the newly formed Brisbane Valley Rail Users Group to gain a relationship with Bushwalking Queensland Inc. They never thought about that angle and need discussion about how we approach this.

Apart from this it was a quiet day at work with most people off due to school holidays.

Monday 28th March 2016 (Easter Monday)

Gavin’s BGL was 5.1! Great!

Gavin, Stacey and Gemma left at 9.00am in the car and went to Kinbombi Falls. The walk consisted on concrete steps down to the bottom below the falls. After a look around it was back up the stairs to nearly the top and then along a walking track along the top of the gorge to Smiths Steps which descended a razorback ridge to the middle of the gorge.


Gavin was talking about planning an expedition to see if it was possible to walk along the gorge between the sets of steps. After this returned to camp and packed up!

Finally departed for home at 1.30 pm and Gavin intended to drive via Nanango, and Blackbutt but could remember if there were Caltex or Shell Service Stations in Nanango, so decided to travel via Gympie (fingers crossed for the Bruce Highway!). The trip down the Wide Bay Highway was quite good with the traffic, but more than normal…this could be a BAD idea. It took ten minutes to turn right onto the Bruce Highway, with a large amount of traffic going both directions. EEEK! The traffic flowed well going into Gympie and most of it disappeared as we stopped for fuel, and then made our way through Gympie.
Then we reached the Cooroy roadworks, 80 zone at a 30 kmh crawl….It’s going to be a long drive!!

After the Cooroy roadworks, and getting onto the dual carriageway, the traffic opened up and flowed well. Upon reaching the Landsborough turn-off on the Steve Irwin Way, turned off to travel through to Caboolture and this was a great run.

Upon getting home heard on the radio about major hold-ops on the Bruce Highway and Steve Irwin Way, boy were we lucky.

So home at last!!!

Then it was unpack, dinner, unpack some more, find washing, and then bed!

Thus was the end of my first Easter adventure as #GavinsWaterBottle.

Sunday 27th March 2016 (Easter Sunday)

A bit bleak today with the sun trying to shine though the clouds. A least it will be a lot cooler. Gavin’s BGL is 7.3, but that was after his last mouthful of porridge! He is allowed to go up to 7.8, so this is good! Looks like Gavin is ready to hit the trail again! And this could be an interesting day!

We drove to the Mount Clara Smelter, dodging a flock of turkeys on the way! They must be celebrating because its Easter! At the Mount Clara Smelter had a look at the history when it operated from 1875 to 1877, and the remaining parts of the smelter including the impressive chimney.

From here we descended into Fat Hen Creek, and as we entered the rain came down. The rock slabs in the creek were interesting, with dark rock with bands of quartz but warped and bent into interesting lines and curves, with a later fracturing producing straight lines of quartz. After just over a kilometre in the creek Peterson Road was met and we left the creek, and turned right to follow Peterson Road further.

By this time the rain had been relentless and Gavin was soaked through! Luckily I am a water bottle, I can take this!

We ascended Peterson Road until all of a sudden the forest gave way to grass trees being the dominant vegetation, and all the hills around were the same. Spectacular! We then came to a track where the power lines came from nowhere and took a sharp right. Following track up and then came across a tailings dump and a number of excavations including the mine adit, which has collapsed in. Following the road further it looped around the summit of Mount Clara, with an unusual volcanic peak off from the summit.
Back to the mine area and had morning tea, as best as possible given the rain!
Then it was follow the roads back to the car, get a group bedraggled photo and head back to a dry camp.

Back at camp, Gavin put me down in the shade…I am not going to dry off here!
Later, Andy came round to see if Gavin would like to go for a drive to further explore the area. ANOTHER ADVENTURE!!! We first drove down Sawpit Road until we came to a closed gate, but the road continued, even though it was grass covered. So we turned around.
Then we drove out to the Wide Bay Highway and turned right and then after a short while turned right into Sinai Road. This road is shown on maps to continue on to where we had walked the previous day. After 4 km, there was two gates, on with a house and 350 on the gate, the other a Kilkivan Shire registered gate indicating the road continued, but it was overgrown. On the way in Gavin noticed a Forestry sign with a grid…what an invitation, so Andy decided to drive in and see where this road may lead. At every intersection Andy decided to continue the ascent till we met trail bike riders who had ridden up for mobile phone access. What a view back over the Fat Hen Creek valley and beyond to the Coast Range and the South Burnett.

We returned to camp for a rest, fivesies, dinner and campfire…and I had dried out!

Gavin seems to be travelling well on his enforced fast off his PTSD meds!

Saturday 26th March (Easter Saturday)

Gemma’s birthday! Happy 14th to the middle daughter! Hope you have great day! I am not happy as I left my PTSD medication at home!…Hope I last the distance! My BGL was 5.1, good start to the strenuous day.

Gathered at 8.45am and had the “coroners photo” and three decided to drive to Range Road. The others walked the 2.8 km to Range Road along Rossmore Road. The country although green was showing early signs of drought. Just enough rain to keep the pasture green, but no water in creeks and waterholes. The day was also warming up. Can’t wait to get into the forest of Oakview National Park!

Range Road ascended quickly from farmland to the top of a ridge and then ascended further. In1 km we had gained 100m. At this point Gavin was slowing down..the heat across the open farmland was sapping! Gavin took a BGL – 4.5 – its on its way down…he needs to be careful or go below 3.9! After a rest, a drink and a pee (why don’t these humans just tip the water onto the grass – cut out the middle man!), it was more climbing and the higher we gained the better the views became. After another 1 km we entered the forest of Oakview National Park, which was forest with hoop pine, Qld Bottle Trees, prickly pears, and other species from Central Queensland. As we ascended further to gain the 500m for the main part of the walk, the forest gradually gave over to pink bloodwood, grey gum, bloodwood, with a silver wattle understory. The colour contrast of the trunks was amazing! Any wonder artists come out tis time of the year to paint the eucalypts.

Had morning tea stop in the shade and was given to Gavin’s eldest daughter Stacey for her to have a drink. This walk is thirsty work, I am glad to be a major part of it! The walk then undulated along the top of the ridge as we headed out to Mount Sinai. As we passed a blue gate, it was noticed “Hanging Rock”, a large rock bolted to two metal strips which were attached to a wooden sign.

This produced much speculation and a short time later we made it the vicinity of Mount Sinai. Andy went off to find the summit, but reported the top was covered in lantana, and had limited views! So we stopped and had lunch. Gavin refilled me from the two other 1.4 litre water bottles from his pack (Hello!) and then gave me to Stacey for a drink. At least I was replenished. Gavin’s BGL was 3.9! I could feel he was starting to struggle but as he said, it is mostly downhill for the return, which was welcome in this heat!

Then Gavin realised…he had left my now good friend, his walking stick, beside the track somewhere. Oh I felt for that walking stick, having been left behind myself previously, and he has left clothes on the train, left his PTSD medication at home! Are my days really numbered?. Hope he finds it. After a long walk which seemed forever, Gavin found the area where the walking stick was left, and there it was! Oh joy, oh bliss – no more stressing out – unless he leaves something else behind.

After the descent through the farmland a caravan was found with lots of shade – rest stop. Water was being exchanged from people that had too much for those, including Gavin who had run out! I was famished! It was good to be refilled again!

Then off we went on the last leg back to Kilkivan Bush Camping. The walk total was 21.8 km! Another successful walk! And Gavin burned 7500 kJ! He had taken in about 4000kJ of his recommended 6000kJ a day!

Gavin’s recovery was the worst I had seen! Looks like the heat has taken its toll, with a bit of dehydration and his BGL was low. However after an hour to two, Gavin came good and had burritos to celebrate Gemma’s birthday. PHEW!

We had a slight shower of rain that night, but the caravan is good!

Friday 25th March 2016 (Good Friday)


Gavin was up early after a night in the caravan so the glue will definitely be set for the road. Gavin unpacked and repacked the caravan, and retrieved other items to go away with from the back sheds.

He had breakfast and then back to further setting up the van for the road. Got the kids mobile and to pack their bags. Something was missing! Oh crap! We need the hitch to tow the caravan with. gavin dived into the back shed and found it, then put it on the car, and finally at 10.30, we hit the road. The traffic was fairly quiet going through Deception Bay, but upon reaching the Bruce Highway, what a car park!

It was decided instead to tackle Morayfield Road, and onto Beerburrum Road, and then Steve Irwin Way. Lot of traffic but keeping to the speed limit. It driver in front is spending more time talking to his rear passengers than keeping his eyes on the road! An accident waiting to happen! The car all of a sudden went off the road to the left and did a donut on the gravel verge and good reactions by Gavin as it looked ike control was lost and the car was coming out on to the road in front. But it stopped!!! Then the Bruce Highway was entered at Mooloolah and there was a free flow of the traffic. Decision justified! Then the girls decided it was time for a feed as they hadn’t had breakfast. Gavin had nearly drunk me dry! Luckily just up the road at Mons was a Driver Reviver at the BP Service Station. Returning to the car with drinks and sausage rolls, it was onward to Kilkivan.

The Bruce Highway traffic was free flowing but in clumps, with some people driving at 80 in the 110 zone! Which was fine until the Cooroy Roadworks where the highway is now on the new lanes while they rip up the old road and replace it with the new southbound lanes on the dual carriageway.

Having negotiated this, and passed through Gympie with no more problems, it was turn left at Curra onto the Wide Bay Highway and no traffic. About half an hour later we arrived at Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park, selected our site, set the van up, hooked up the power and we were set. The van had come through the trip unscathed, so we are ready for more adventures! having no service here, Gavin put his phone in airplane mode. No checking Facebook, Twitter or uploading these blogs. Sorry for the delay in updates people!
We went and sought out the rest of the two groups joining us, some from the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club, Gavin’s club and some from Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland. As we had arrived at the designated time to for the walk, they were left to go while we settled in. I was placed in the backpack ready to go tomorrow.

At 5.00pm it was time for fivesies at Mal Dorricott’s camper trailer with much mirth and socialising.

Then Gavin went off to bed for a good nights sleep.

23rd March 2016

BGL 4.3!! Tad low, feeling a bit of a cold coming. Need to monitor as the day goes. Being a work day in I went. On arrival at work, received an email from my bank QPCU about their Everyday Hero Awards. I think I fit the criteria given my recent involvement with Diabetes Qld, facilitating the relationship, and providing expertise to host a challenge trek.

Contacted Diabetes Qld and they are fully supportive of the nomination and require to review what I will submit for the nomination. The $1000 award to the recipient and $100 to the charity of the recipient’s choice is enough motivation for me!

Ordinary day at work, nonetheless, completed one outstanding file and sorted out the update of our new work IT system, and converted some files over. About another 600 to go!

At 4.00 pm was not worth starting something new so went home. Packed up all the clothes to bring home to wash. and put them in a black Coles shopping bag. Boarded the train and put the black shopping bag under the seat with my man-bag and backpack. On arrival at Narangba, stood up collected the backpack and man-bag. When I finally made it to home, Sue asked me where my work clothes were, and I went white…left on the train.

Promptly went to the Queensland Rail Lost Property site and filled in the form. Response from QR with an email:

Reference No. BoOmgW.

Dear Gavin,

Thank you for contacting Queensland Rail. Your enquiry has been submitted.

Please use Reference No: BoOmgW for follow-up enquiries.

Please be aware, it may take several days from the time the item of lost property is found to its arrival at the Lost Property Office.

If you wish to contact the Lost Property Office, please call 13 16 17 during business hours, 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Now I sit and wait.

Anyway, when I got home I had a letter from my college, finally, with the forms to request transfer to Diploma of Leadership and Management with the new timetable. About time. Now I know what I have to do.  All the study dates are added to my calendar and lo and behold a week break fits the Great Ocean Walk 2016. You bewdy!

Its now time to go down to the caravan and sort out wha tis needed for Easter and what we will leave at home.  After twenty minutes ferrying stuff, covered in sweat, decided to leave it till morning!

Bit of TV, social media and bed!  Good night…

After an hour of lying in bed started to ache in the chest region and got really sniffly. Damn forgot to take the Sudafed. Got up, took the Sudafed and then watched a bit of TV for the drug to take hold…and boy did it take hold!


My work day – commute in

Currently, my work day proceeds as follows:

  1. Get up out of bed
  2. Turn on TV to NBC Today show.
  3. Check social media
  4. Play a game
  5. Turn on the espresso machine and fill the kettle and turn it on.
  6. Get a bowl, empty an oats sachet, add 125ml water and put in microwave for 90 seconds.
  7. While oats are cooking, make coffee and to up cup with water from kettle.
  8. When oats are finished, add soy milk and take the bowl and coffee to my seat and have breakfast.
  9. Check my blood glucose level (BGL).
  10. Have breakfast, remembering to take 2 Lovan capsules.
  11. Collect the things for the day to take in to work (mainly to amuse myself on my commute.
  12. Have shower and optional shave.
  13. Get dressed and then depart.
  14. Walk 1.3 km to the 668 bus.
  15. Take the 668 bus to Narangba Train Station.
  16. Catch the next train and alight at Central.
  17. Walk 1.7 km to 33 Charlotte Street where I work.