And another long weekend…

Woke at 2.00am :{ Oh well, it is Saturday can go back to bed.

Worked on my QPCU nomination, planning for the walk to Somerset Trail tomorrow and watched MacGyver…gotta love that show.

Opened my study books and the first assignment is answering a series of questions. Piece of cake. After watching DrOz felt weary and went back to bed. Slept till 7.00am and then had breakfast (no oats – just bread and honey) Gawd, hope it doesn’t upset the good work I have been doing with my health!

Sue is heading off to visit her mum, and so I decided to go along as well (she has really good broadband!!!). It has been a while, like Christmas!! On the way in bought lunch at Subway and Maccas.

While there, Jason and Sharon and Chloe turned up. Jason took up his usual position spread out on the couch and had a nap. Sharon, Sue and I sat on the patio table and Stacey showed gave me a crash course on Instagram and Snapchat. I’m expanding my social media presence! Sharon then borrowed my phone to play with snapchat, and sent a series of photos to people.

Jason and Sharon then left and I worked on some projects, checked emails etc. At dinner time walked to the Red Rooster and then went back and gorged myself on a Tropicana pack. Then the mirth started and I did not realise how much the voices echoed of the apartment buildings where my mother-in-law lives. So after a while, got sick of taking from under my shirt and headed home.

It was a pleasant drive home, me in the passenger seat, and the the phone calls about tomorrow started. Good thing I am not driving. Upon reaching home, sat down and relaxed in preparation for bed. Then I realised I had no cereal for brekky, and the bread supply was low. So went to the servo and made some purchases and I was set for bed.


The end of a short week…

Well here is Friday…

BGL was 4.9…

I am feeling great even though I was awake at 2.30am! Like I said I give up…I last at work till 5 so no problem.  No oats in the cupboard..will have to substitute today!

Fairly quiet at work due to being a Friday. Received emails from Kristine that she sent Wednesday afternoon to complete by lunch time yesterday. Hmmm! Oh well, Carolyn will be getting these!

Had lunch with Rahul at Nando’s and had a meditteranean salad! Mmmm Mmmm!

That made the day. Also told Rahul about my thoughts and to not panic about the lack of staff.

Run of the mill for the rest of the day, except for delays on the trains getting home. Received an email from the BVRT Charity Walk organisers with mentioned attachments, but no attachments. Will have to send an email to discuss. Need to also address camping…could it be done on the BVRT as an overnight walk? Esk Caravan Park is the best option to use as a base anyway.

Completed the fundraising form, which I will send to Charlotte on Tuesday, to alert her of this venture and also to garner more support.

Nearly completed the nomination for QPCU. Need to find all the associated documents for this…the MOU, risk management plan for the Border Track Trek, and other related paperwork, and screen shot of fundraising.

Into bed after watching Exploration Unknown an archaeology show and very interesting!

More fundraising…

Awoke at 3.30am.

Bit better, bit wish I could sleep longer. At least its Thursday,one more night of this then I can sleep in on Saturday.

BGL this morning was 5.2, so at least everything is OK on that front.

Having purchased new walk shoes yesterday, put them on to go in to work. How comfy. Now my feet don’t hurt. Not going to buy that brand of shoe again!

Normal day at work, although Kristine invited me out for a coffee as it was her last day, and she was going to an exam later in the day and have tomorrow off. A pleasant morning tea and I hope Kristine gets out of her secondment everything she is hoping for.

The rest of the day was dealing with my files, as usual.

After lunch, a shower of rain came through, and the alert from Higgins Storm Chasers was for a wet weekend.

Finished the flyer for the walk on Sunday to Somerset Trail, and sent it on, then received an email from Moreton Bay Regional Council with more participants coming. Compiled all the email addresses and sent the details out to these people, plus Andy. I also let them know the walk would proceed regardless of prevailing weather as it is expected to be showers.

Received notification from Sam Rowe of her fundraising in Maroochy Botanic Gardens. Might attend myself. It is a treasure hunt after all.

Received some money for my fundraising and collected all my coins and went to the Commonwealth Bank and deposited it all into the credit card. I then transferred the same amount to the everyday hero.

Went home as usual and what a difference good comfy shoes make.

To bed at 10.30 pm…I give up trying to work out my routine!

Hump Day already….

Gotta love the short week. Another early morning rising at 2.30 am. At least I got my MacGyver injection at this time of morning. Seems I sleep for 4-5 hours and then wake up refreshed! Might have to change my routine.

BGL was 5.0. Another usual day at work, although the team meeting revealed of movements of staff reducing our numbers. Hope this is sorted out soon.
The weather turned into showers later in the day.

Checked when the nomination to QPCU is due. Monday…oh well it is a long weekend to knuckle down and get it in.

Quiet night at home. Went to bed at 11.00pm to see if a later night made the difference.

Short week begins…

Awoke at 4.30am and checked the Facebook, Desley would be happy to join me for the BVRT fundraiser and walk the 100km. I then forwarded it to clubs to see if there were any other interested parties.

BGL was 5.2…again in the zone!! I am doing so well…

Usual day at work, quite usual in fact. However due to my walk shoes blowing out, had to wear my sandals in until I get replacements.

Received an email from Robert Olding of Moreton Bay Regional Council with the initial list of attendees for Somerset Trail. Looks like another group of 20. Hope the weather holds out for Sunday.

Sent an email to the BVRT charity walk organisers of firm details of the intentions and to get registration etc.

Remembering the Anzacs

Woke at 2.30am again and was not feeling the best to go to the Deception Bay Anzac Day Service, so decided to watch it on television anyway. As it does every year, the service invoked great and proud memories of my service in the Royal Australian Navy, and the fact that I have no regrets! In my Navy career I have marched in every capital cities’ Anzac Day Parades. Makes me so proud to be an Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!

Rest of the day was catching up on outstanding things, cleaning and the like, as ell as preparing for the working week.

That night I received a notification from the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail that they were having a community fundraiser on 29 June to 1 July 2016, with walks of 25, 50 and 100km. Sent a message to the organiser and now to work out the logistics of joining and raising money for Diabetes Qld.

I also need to find out if the fundraising could go via me for the Great Ocean Road Walk 2016.

11.00pm off to bed!

Water Bottle Adventure

Woke at 2.30am. At least I will be ready for today’s walk! Packed my backpack and filled #GavinsWaterBottle for a seemingly arduous walk. It is planned to ascend 550 metres onto the D’Aguilar Range to a little known lookout – Kluvers Lookout.

Andy arrived at 7.30 and off we went to the meet point at Dayboro Cemetery, the dead centre of Dayboro.

I’ll now hand over to #GavinsWaterBottle….

Arrived at Dayboro Cemetery and Gavin greeted all then gave a briefing on the walk. 23 people attended, including a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Gavin did not seem concerned about this as his own daughter walked the length of Carnarvon Gorge as a 3 year old, and who is he to judge parents, leave them to their devices and trust them!

After formalities, it was in a car pool to the start of the walk on Wirth Road, Laceys Creek, an old dairy farming area, but not before taking a photo of a bush stone curlew (aka plains turkey aka bustard). Drove a short distance up the road to a large mown area bride the road, then was picked up by Gavin with his backpack, stool, and other items. The walk initially wandered along May Creek, with slight grades and some crossings. At the last crossing, the road then started its ascent to the crest of the D’Aguilar Range. This ascent, went through rainforest patches, but was mostly in dry sclerophyll forest and Gavin made a point of letting the group know this road was built by convicts as the first Esk Road. Quite spectacular road construction in this light, and good that national parks have this road closed off to keep it pristine.

Upon reaching the crest of the D’Aguilar Range, after about 5km, Range Road was met and we turned left to go 1.5 km further up to the lookout. Upon reaching the lookout, great views of the Moreton Bay Regional Council area, albeit a bit smoky. After an early lunch, it was a quick descent to the cars, taking half the time to ascend, not without the stop to view the goanna.

The walk totalled 14km and was great.

Back to Gavin

On the way back home stopped at the Dayboro Bakery for a drink and social. One group failed to arrive by the time we left, so went home and relaxed, did the washing and prepared for my studies, and started the next club newsletter.

At 9.30pm (again!!) became really weary so headed off to bed.

Spring clean (in Autumn!)

Spent the day going through cupboards and throwing out unwanted items. Thinking of having a garage sale and donate some of the proceeds to my Great Ocean Road Walk 2016. Found some old family photos and now have another chore to scan all these! Found a lovely photo of my eldest daughter having a bath while camping at the age of 3!

The sheds also need a good huck out!

Started the next newsletter for the club, and was wondering what to do about the camp. I am not going camping, but want to do the Somerset Trail as it is a walk advertised through Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Get Active program.

On Pinterest saw a single page Strategic Plan Chart. Just what I have been looking for. Now to adapt it for the organisations I am involved in.

So that is out for a day indoors and out in the shed!

Bed at 9.30pm as I was falling asleep in the chair.

On an even keel…

Awake at 3.00am! Maybe I should get ready for an early day at work, or even go for an early walk. BGL was 5.0 so tracking well! Last day of taking antibiotics from this recent infection. Must remember to go and get the coronary calcium check next week.

Email from Charlotte about the trek in 2017. Check the calendar and due to Easter, Anzac Day, and Labour Day jammed together in 2017, and for consistency chose March 18-19. Also passed to Charlotte a proposed location pending identification of other suitable venues, being the Noosa Trail Network. Need to review the Border Track Trek and determine specifications for the next trek, to ensure maximum benefit to both Diabetes Queensland and Bushwalking Queensland.

Fairly quiet day at work, just updating data on the new system based on Sharepoint.
Friday lunch with Rahul at Jackpot. Sizzling pepper steak and fried onion with rice and a “Blue Moon”. Then had the after lunch walk and went to JB HiFi as well.

Received confirmation from college to commence the next unit and to return to the current unit when the new resources have updated. So onto operational planning. This is what I need to enhance my role as President and Vice-President in the various organisations I belong. A few issues need to be dealt with and due to the lack of resources are tending t drag on.

Headed home early and prepared for the weekend.

Bed at 9.30 pm.

Breaking up is hard to do…

Don’t know what it is, but to be fully awake at 3.00am after going to bed at 10.00pm! Oh well, need to finalise some things at home while the internet is all mine!

Had breakfast as usual, and off to work. In the train, i realised I had not taken my Lovan. Oh well it’s only for the day, just have to remember tomorrow, otherwise I will start to get anxious.

At work felt concern that I would not have the assignment completed in time. I went online and the course to which I had been transferred had not been effected and the list of un-submitted assignments was huge! Then I looked at the list and none of the units were as per my study plan. So I rang the institution and they apologised for the inconvenience as they had not realised that the course had been changed. They said to give them till lunch and call them back if there was still problems.

Then went to a send-off morning tea where we said good bye to one team member who is going to the Australian Tax Office, and the other who has been seconded to another area of Qld Treasury.

Then it was back to work and hopefully can get something done. This was not happening as I discovered problems with our system which should have been addressed in the initial design looks like coming to bite us back. Oh well, at least I only have to report it up the chain when I have all the evidence.

Received a missed call from my institution, rang them back and no answer, will try again tomorrow.

Had lunch and continued on the work till 4.00pm when I went and changed and then collected up my belongings, turned off my computer and headed off to the send-off party for my supervisor, who is seconded to another area of Treasury. The party was at the Next Hotel Pool Deck, a lovely venue.

After much mirth and merriment with a couple of beers, it was time to head home. I’ll have to get Sue to pick me up from the station though!

Had a lovely dinner and then off to bed at 10.00 pm. What time will I awake in the morning? With that thought, passed out!