On the prowl…

Woke up early, in a bath of sweat. Feeling dizzy, got sniffles. Check BGL and it is 3.0, that is low (I’m a poet and I don’t know it!). Need to bolster my usual breakfast as it normally stabilised the blood glucose. Honey sandwich should do the trick.

Once I had recovered, headed into work, and arrived at my normal time. My BGL was 4.3…that’s better!

Started out normal day, then attended Microsoft One Note training. What a great resource now I know how to use it!

My computer is really working well now! Having Office 2007 and Office 2010 just didn’t do it.

Finalised the letters to various outdoor retailers with a view to source raffle prizes. Emailed Mountain Designs via their web form, K2 Base Camp and Paddy Pallin. Kathmandu only sponsor their own groups. Will approach Anaconda and Rays Outdoors and perhaps Outback Adventures. I am not despondent at the moment that my fund-raising is not going as well as I expected, but I feel it will lick up as I get closer to the Great Ocean Walk.

I also sent Charlotte a variety of Australian animals she was looking for to paint. I am sure I can find others.

Had a team meeting in the afternoon, and I realised how much in a rut I had stumbled. After I had received my dressing down, went back to the desk and re-evaluated everything. Yes I was in a rut. Had to find a strategy to deal with the situation. I looked at what needs to be reported to the manager, then how to easily get the stats required.

Feeling energised, headed home and concentrated on my next assignment for managing risk.


24 years out….

Monday…here is the working week. As soon as I get into work I need to email Charlotte to meet to pick up the package.

Today is the 24th Anniversary of my discharge from the Royal Australian Navy. Tomorrow is the 32nd anniversary of entering the Royal Australian Navy. And the first day…was a day off, but to be at Brisbane Airport early the next morning to fly to Melbourne to attend HMAS Cerberus and the Recruit School.

Rose early as usual, and ironed the weeks worth of clothes, packed my bags, had oats, yay!, and made an early start to the bus. Caught the 6.30 bus and arrived in work at 8.15am. Got changed, unpacked and went up to my desk. Settled in an there was an email from Charlotte, to meet at lunchtime.

I need a good walk so Milton was the agreed meet point – Mary Ryan’s Cafe in fact.

Having a good day at work, getting rid of files like no end, at 11.45 thought I had better get changed to go for the walk and meet Charlotte. Once changed, I gave myself half an hour to get to Mary Ryan’s. So I set off…

Walking up Charlotte Street, the weather was warm, which was great after a very cool night. I crossed George Street, and then Queens Park to William Street. Crossed Elizabeth Street and headed down the ramp onto the bikeway and foot path. Workmen were down there and large equipment was on the move. Back up and negotiate the traffic lights at the end of Victoria Bridge. Once past this went back down to the Bicentennial Bikeway and made the pleasant walk along the river to the Cribb Street exit. Crossed Coronation Drive and went up Cribb Street a short distance before turning left and walking to Mary Ryan’s Cafe. I was really close when Charlotte sent me a message that she had just sat down. She was early for once!

So met her and bought us our coffees and then talked about all manner of things as well as receive the package.

I then walked with Charlotte back to Diabetes Queensland in Finchley Street, Milton then headed back to work. All up I did 8.3 km and was away for two lovely hours. Back at work, changed into work clothes and continued on my day’s agenda. I stowed the package in my desk. I wonder how long I can last before I relent and have to do the next step with it!

Then, all of a sudden it was past my usual time to “wind up the cat and put the clock out”. Quick exit, change and I made the 5.46 train from Central.

When i arrived home I was glad to see food waiting for me! I had forgotten to eat all day! Not that I was hungry. I lacked appetite. The illness gripping a few of my family and friends is having a go at me. I get a sickly throat etc.

Anyway happy with my day!

Then Sue gets a message. Her uncle Helmut has passed away. One of her late dad’s brothers-in-law. Must await for news on arrangements etc.

That was it so into bed..

Walk day with #gavinswaterbottle

Woke at 4.00 am eager to get on this bushwalk, especially being the last one as part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s “Get Active” program and “Explore Moreton Bay” program.

Did some study and then got ready. How much will I take? It will be sandy, so should I take my sandals as well as my boots and see how I fare? All this deliberation and time slips through quickly. The next thing I know it was Andy out the front to pick me up.

After a quick drive it was on for the walk which is described by #gavinswaterbottle over at Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Inc.

Such a glorious day and on return home, the day was still quite good. That afternoon I reviewed the walk for today and then worked on other outstanding items. Always seems to be outstanding items!

Had dinner and after a bit of study hit the hay…

Good weekend?

Woke at 4.00pm and got stuck into my Risk Management study! Having been sent from work to do this unit, would be good to get formal recognition for it as well as updates to risk management.

Had breakfast again of WeetBix and a long black, took my Lovan and then started to feel weary. Went back to bed and slept till 12.30pm!

Woke to an empty house as Sue and the girls had gone to visit my mother-in-law.

So worked on getting things in preparation for the next working week, and the bushwalk on Bribie tomorrow.

I also added future events for the club.

As dinner time was approaching I was feeling light headed and sweaty. I did my BGL and the meter recorded 3.0. I am low, as 3.9 is my minimum. Had a honey sandwich followed by chicken schnitzel and vegetables. I came good after that and a short time later went to bed.

Last Friday in May and for Autumn 2016

Woke to a warm morning. A change is on the way which will bring cooler temperatures. Today’s agenda is to explore reporting in SharePoint, compose the fundraising letter for the various bushwalking equipment retailers, finish off files, and go home for another awesome weekend.

I might even fit in a lunchtime walk!

This morning’s breakfast was different. Couldn’t get my staple, so had to have Weet-Bix. This proved a winner…something different anyway…and I felt great.

Got into work early and started the computer. All good so far. Started up the file that I needed to complete, and then went with a colleague for coffee…long black…mmmm!

Came back to work. Sorted out then massaged the data…can’t do any more with this file… marked it for review and that was it. I was then invited to another coffee, which was good, as the last one didn’t touch the sides. It also gave me a chance to use the “Hey You” App. This is great ordered from the office, then went to the coffee shop and there was my coffee waiting for me! What a great app, as I also topped up via PayPal and will keep a handy balance on the card. And I was even awarded a loyalty star for my effort!

Back to work, and tackle the next file. There is nothing in this one. Easy to write off.

Thought I had better send the letter to Charlotte for her perusal. It came back promptly with a suggestion which I had thought about yesterday but had forgotten upon composing the letter. Thank you once again Charlotte!

Then it was on to the next file. This one was straight forward, just collecting the information is the time consumer. Put this one for review then knocked off work and went home.

I didn’t do my walk!! Oh well, not a great loss. Will do something tomorrow in lieu. At least my right foot is getting better. Hit the plantar wart hard and seems to have worked. Now to do the one on my other foot.

Finally I can also start my studies for the Diploma in Leadership and Management. First unit – Risk Management. Yahoo!

I had better start reviewing each states respective AAS in preparation for the Australian AAS Technical Working Group.

Things are looking up!

Another early morning again and it is cold, well not cold enough to have to rug up, but the coldest morning so far this year. Poor Sue is still suffering. She can’t lie down too long before coughing gets her out of bed. Must remember today to contact Frontier Leadership about the course.

Had the chance to get into work early, but that slipped through my fingers, must be due to my routine being disrupted with no oats for breakfast. Had to find an alternative this morning.

So caught the usual transport into work.

At work, BGL was 4.2 a tad low…no breakfast!! Anyway completed more files. My supervisor is not at work tomorrow so any files I want reviewed will be put on hold. Oh well! Must keep plugging through.

Charlotte replied to my email about the fundraising success I had developed. She then sent me a letter of authorisation to put with the letters to these businesses as proof of my sincerity in garnering items for fundraising.

That is sorted!

I then received an email from Desley of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail thanking me for my registration and she is eager to talk to Bushwalking Queensland Inc. about bushwalking issues and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

That is sorted!

Received a phone call from Craig of Frontier Leadership. He apologised for taking so long to get back to me, but their computer system needed more work than they anticipated, putting them behind. He said to start a module of my choice and then by the time this one is complete, the rest of the modules will be ready to go. Chose Risk Management module to study, which will be easy as it is an integral part of my current job.

Right that is sorted!

A big file I was working on is becoming completed.


So the day ended and I went home and put my feet up and gloated about the best day I have had for quite a long time. I love success!

Great leap forward

Woke up feeling great. It is going to be a great day. It is after all 7 months to Christmas!!

Then…notification from Translink that all train services are delayed 30 minutes through Eagle Junction. Well, get myself moving to get that 30 minutes up my sleeve.

Caught the early bus and by he time the train had got near Eagle Junction station, the delays had been cleared. So into work early. I’ll have time at lunch to have a decent walk and make further investigation as per yesterday.

Got online and went through my bills, including registering for the Every Step Counts BVRT Charity Walk. Reply email and they are looking forward to being able to speak to Bushwalking Queensland Inc. and gain ideas for bushwalking. Now to just book the accomodation.

At work had a look at how to set up the reporting for Rahul, and found I can import the metadata into an excel spreadsheet. This will work in the interim. Later contacted by the IT service desk and found out problems with my computer. Hopefully it will be sorted shortly. Having both Office 2007 and Office 2013 installed, presented problems, and then as to why the submit button won’t initiate the form to submit it is puzzling!

At lunch, went for a walk to Fortitude Valley with the intention of visiting retailers of specialist outdoor equipment, and see what they can provide for fundraising initiatives that Bushwalking Queensland Inc. can organise.

Came back from lunch and did further work on a file. Got the strategy right now to proceed and expedite these files.

Then I went home feeling extra pleased with myself. Now to write these letters.

At home Sue was finally looking well, although her cough has got bad with her asthma.

Time to ramp up

Payday tomorrow, so I had better get my next set of plans in place, and of course work out the bills that are in need of attention.

Started the day a little slow, I am on the verge of coming down with a cold or flu, but in the main it is being kept at bay. However, my right eye is suffering. The pterygium has flared up with conjunctivitis in it and starting to go over the pupil. Wish I hadn’t squandered the money years ago in the height of my depression and PTSD. Now I really need help. That’s it I have resisted for too long in having a go at crowd funding, must bite the bullet and set off on that path. Need to keep a careful eye on money transferring although these days the sites seem robust that transparency is the key.

After this episode, turned my mind to work and the great groan. A weight is off my shoulders in trying to get rid of the backlog, but I am not happy that I seem to be going nowhere.

At lunch, with a nice mexican tuna and vita-weet I moved to strategies for fundraising. Bushwalking gear would be worthwhile. So I went out for a walk and visited Mountain Designs and Kathmandu. I priced a few things then went back to work. The strategy is dependent on raffles and fundraising. Went and consulted the Office of Far Trading. Gross takings of up to $2000 has no need to be licensed, as long as the value of the prizes is at least 20% of the total takings. If I get bushwalking boots for $300.00 then I can raffle for up to $1500, just the money I need to fundraise for the Great Ocean Walk. But I need to maintain my integrity. I need to find out how to get the money to purchase the boots. Either I purchase them outright, and then sell the $1500 of tickets and reimburse myself the expenses for holding the raffle. This will still put me over the line.

Another alternative is to seek donations. Last year we approached K2 Base Camp, Mountain Designs and Paddy Pallin and was given no assistance for a fundraising initiative. I might go and visit them again and see if the the activity with Diabetes Qld is a different perspective. I will do that tomorrow.

The other alternative of course is for Bushwalking Queensland to purchase the items and hold the raffle and then donate the money as support for me and Sam. Will revisit this if the donations plan doesn’t come to fruition.

Later that day had a team meeting and what a wake up call.  Didn’t realise that I was slipping so much. Anyway, pick myself up, dust myself off and take on a new strategy.

At the end of the day was pleased with myself in the progress made in all facets.

New week…new work!

Well, not exactly!

Arose early at 3.50 am after a champion sleep on my account.

As I had prepared myself properly the night before, I took my time to get ready and was able to leave in time to get the 6.30am bus and not the usual 7.00am bus.

Arrived at work and thought to make the most of the extra time by going for a walk at lunchtime.

Hit my work and was surprised how well advanced I had left it. Worked my way through a file, and then was summonsed to Bullying and Harassment Training. Interesting workshop to identify bullying and harassment and the differences and how to deal with them.

Then it was lunch. Walked 7.38km via the Story Bridge and the Goodwill Bridge, averaging 9.5 min/km. The walk took me 57 minutes. Gotta be happy with that. Except my toes started to ache. Another sign of diabetes? Must soldier on. I am also treating two toes with plantar warts (verruca) and these are the most painful. Whether my other toes are going out in sympathy?

Back at work had two files returned from review, and one is more complex than I thought, so spent time rectifying the file. The other was a simple no further action file. Put it to bed.

Having reviewed the no show yesterday, will hold the event again in a couple of weeks. I am eager to also lead up Mount Beerwah, Flinders Peak and some others in my fundraising quest.

Headed home and had a fairly quiet night as one daughter is at school camp.

The big Game day!

Woke at 4.00am and printed the outstanding documents. Now have registration forms, question sheets, donation sheet, answer sheet, maps to be sealed. Still needed to get pencils, stickers for the sealed maps, and tape to stick up signs. Will get them on the way in. Aspley has the 24 hour newsagent…

Packed the car, had breakfast, and headed off, arriving at Raven Street Reserve at 7.15am. Boy, it is unusually quiet! This does not look good. Panyiri has taken away my clientele. Oh well! wait and see.

Sat there and collated, stapled and put together the packages for the players, and then waited.

At 8.15am, no-one turned up so I went home!

Arrived home at 8.40am, and no-one was up. Unloaded the car and sorted out the gear and put it away. The game sheets are not a loss, can always hold it again as it is ready to go!

Starting feeling a headache building, so went to bed and slept till lunchtime. After lunch thought it was time to start cleaning the pig sty I call home. My daughters have a lot to learn about keeping house!

During cleaning up, felt dizzy, sweating profusely, and foggy thoughts. Stopped work, had a drink and checked BGL it was down to 3.5. Sat and rested for a while and recovered. Continued on as much as possible, then it was dinner time and then after watching tv, went to bed.