The ball rolls

Woke up with a heavy throat, and a bit sniffly. That’s why my blood glucose was all over the shop, I’m coming down with something. Oh well see how the day pans out.

Ironed one shirt for the day and after breakfast and shower, headed off to the bus. The bus ride took me to the train and due to roadworks was held up so I had to catch the later train. Finally at work, and sorted out files. Then decided I had better make an appointment to see the doctor. I booked 8.00am on Friday so I can see him and then go and get the blood test done. This will kill three birds with the one stone. One, I have signed up to be involved in research about diabetes management with Uni of Melbourne. Two, I need a medical prior to the walk on the Great Ocean Walk 2016 #gorw2016. Three, it is time for my annual diabetes review. I advised my supervisor of my plans and I will come into work early to make up for it.

I then advised Charlotte of my plans, and then the conversation started to sort out the accommodation for the Warrie Circuit Trek in March 2017. Decided on targeting “The Mouses House” near to the Warrie Circuit so we can walk out and back without relying on other transport.

Charlotte said she would look into it and then I started the next phase of the strategy as how to conduct the trek. My initial thoughts are to limit to groups of six with departure times from the accommodation. If the parties regimen the chase to nominate who goes in which group, then the participants can be dealt with in their small groups at the start, so they won’t feel like they are staggered. I am also thinking of creating distance markers for every 5 km so the participants and leaders can better monitor the trek.

Then it was lunch time. I remembered I had to go to the Bendigo Bank to pay the water bill, and as I have to pass RACQ on the way back, I also dealt with the car insurance, caravan insurance and my membership. Happy to roll it together and get the discount as a gold card holder, plus other benefits.

Returned to work and had my lunch then finally cleaned up another file.

Off to home I go, and at home got into study, plus turned my mind to a policy for Bushwalking Queensland about unincorporated clubs. Will follow the lead taken by the QWALC.

Then it was bed time.


Monday Monday

Back to another working week. Up early as usual and couldn’t decide how many shirts to iron. Then the rain came down. Guess I’ll just worry about today’s clothes and eave it to tomorrow.

So trousers and one shirt were given a touch up with the iron.

When it was time to leave home, the rain had stopped so I decided it will b alright to wear my work trousers and shirt in and only have to change the belt and shoes when I arrived at work. Wrong guess! Nearly at the bus when the heavens opened. Hope I dry out before I get into work!!

So I get into work and have dried out, and manage to dodge the rain waking from Central to work. Change my belt and shoes and then head upstairs.

And that was it…back into the working week. Rahul should be back today, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of him! Must be getting dragged around to get his updates!

Then it was lunch and I decided to get out for a walk for lunch. There is something I have to do. Can’t think of it, but a walk around may clear the air. Bought some extras for lunch and felt really peckish. Back at work had lunch and started to feel better.

After lunch I went back to work and started to feel a bit worse. Oh well battle through!

At knock off time, I had come good to go home. But after travelling home, I walked in the front door and very sweaty. I thought it was humidity in the air, but after a glucotest found it to be low…3.5!!! Hopefully the silverside and veges will help me recover.

I eventually improved, and once I settled down went to bed. Sue then asked me if I had paid the water bill…that’s what I was going to do at lunch!

Volunteer work

Woke early and prepared to go to Caboolture and join the Wy-Wurry walkers around Centenary Lakes. Arriving at 6.40am, I was 15 minutes early, but gave me a chance to set up and take an early morning photo.

The rest of the group arrived and then set off for the 5km walk. After the walk, went to a coffee shop, had my customary long black and then headed home.

Had to fill my prescription for my PTSD medications and decided to go to Terry White Chemist at Burpengary to get it filled. While there, thought it a good idea to do some shopping. After making my purchases and ensuring I had bought enough for the family, went home.

At home a I gathered the washing and put it in the washing machine. I then noticed I had forgotten one thing – soap powder. Have enough here for a couple of loads, but hope there is no more to wash pending replacement of said soap powder.

After getting the washing going, Sue announced that she and the kids were going to the movies. That means I will have to walk to Bushcare.

After lunch, gathered my tools into my backpack and went off to Bushcare. I had a number of cheques to deliver to Andy as well so decided to call in on the way. After 3 km, I arrived at Andy’s and dropped off the cheques. Then we walked the 1.5 km to bushcare.

At bushcare it was a case of pulling up broad-leaved pepper seedlings and then start cutting down the more mature trees, which we had started the month before. As Andy and I were cutting the trees down the stumps were dabbed with glyphosate weed killer by the council staff member.
One hour and a half later it was time to review our work and pack up. Then Andy and I walked the 1.5 km to his place, and I continued on home.

At home, it was time to study and ready myself for tomorrow’s walk. I then watched the Olympics and then went to bed.

Funny week ends

Just another normal day at work. Finishing off files and starting new ones, and relegating others to the complex folder for later treatment as more work involved.

At lunch time, checked emails and what not, and it was quiet around the ridges. This gave me a chance to plan out my busy weekend.

Later in the afternoon was summonsed to an afternoon tea to say farewell to Dasha, a psychology masters student, who had completed part of her course work in Behavioural Economics. Wonder who the next student is going to be?

Went back to the desk and an mail from Charlotte. Need to complete a volunteer form for Diabetes Qld as the second leader. I was also advised that Noosa was out for a venue for the March Trek and Warrie Circuit had been selected. Will have a look at accommodation at Springbrook and get back to Charlotte with initial findings.

Then I went home after cleaning off my desk in preparation for the new monitors.

At home had a new look at the study material. Must apply for SARAS once I get the study plan, watched the Olympics and went to bed.

Study re-jig

Normal day at work, especially after a public holiday!

Got stuck into work and cleared a number of files that did not pose any risks to the organisation for which I worked, although some will need referring to the right jurisdiction.

At lunch time, I headed off to Frontier Leadership, 445 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill to re-ignite my study plan after it was derailed by them moving, IT problems, two family deaths and a number of other obstacles. With me when it rains, it pours.

So after an hour, sorted it all out and was supplied with the next three units. Yippee! Now I can apply for SARAS, so I get the pay rise at the end of the course!

Went back to work and had lunch and then back to the grindstone.

A storm came through late in the day, telling me it was time to think about going home. So I made my way home and received a text from Sue that she would meet me at Hungry Jack’s. What a fine idea!!!

Got home and had a look through the three units, checked out the online resources, and familiarised myself with Frontier Leadership’s new web-site. I am so ready now!!

Watched the Olympics, fell asleep in the chair and went to bed.

Back on track


BGL: 4.6

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g


BGL: 6.2


Meal: Tuna and vita-weats

Carbs: 25g

Afternoon Tea

Meal: Banana and apple

Carbs: 40g


BGL: 4.4

Meal: Fish and chips and dagwood dog

Carbs: 120g

Bed Time

BGL: 7.2

Day Summary

Woke early and had plenty of time to ready myself for the day. Again had trouble driving the AccuChek glucometer, it kept coming up with error. Had another go and success! The walk to the bus was quiet this morning, the cold is keeping everyone indoors. Even when I caught the train there was only half the normal number of people waiting to get on!

No sooner had I sat down in the train and settled in I fell asleep. I awoke at Wooloowin just four stations before the city!

I had to go to training for changes to some legislation an hour after getting in so took my time preparing. The training was interesting and I was made aware of the impact these changes would have to y role.

After training, went out and got the right lancets, plus a coffee, and went back to work and did some more updating of our system.

At lunch, which I am now getting used to the routine for the new building, I updated the blog and checked Facebook etc. and read the news. The Turnbull government is edging closer to a majority in the House of Reps. Juno has settled into its orbit around Jupiter after a five year trip.

As it was getting close to the end of the day (too late to start anything new!) a colleague and I devise a new map of Australia based on the election results.

Finished work and went home.

Met Sue at Want The Food and ordered fish and chips and went home for a hearty meal.

Enjoyed a bit of TV then got back into study and went to bed.

Nearly PTSD train wreck


BGL: 6.5

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g

Morning tea

Meal: Fruit and Nuts

Carbs: 28g


Meal: Tuna and vita-weat

Carbs: 60g


Meal: Dim sims

Carbs: 90g

Day Summary

Woke at 4.00am. Got up and prepared myself for the new week, with a touch of dizziness. I had breakfast and ironed my trousers and 4 shirts. While having breakfast I remembered to take my PTSD medication which I had neglected for the past four days, but didn’t feel any different. I think I am on top of this!

Looking at the clock I was running short of time, however I have 10 minutes up my sleeve if I go to a different bus stop. All is sweet. Out the door at 6.50 am and caught the bus at 7.10 am near the high school.

Normal day at work, with a couple of meetings with my new team leader/supervisor as they work out their new role.

At 5.00pm noticed that it was time to leave, so made a quick exit and made it to Central Station in a good time.

Till I saw all the passengers! What is happening? Then an announcement that there were delays for Ipswich and Springfield trains due to a police incident at Sunshine Station. My heart sank. That means my line is affected as well, but they don’t know the impact as yet. Then it was announced that buses were replacing trains between Northgate and Zillmere. Hmmm! Should I go over to the Shorncliffe line? Went over there to check out the progress of trains on that line and the announcement, due to the price incident at Sunshine Station, all lines in the network are suffering residual delays.
The next Shorncliffe train was due in 20 mins. Might wait for it and get the train and bus home that way. Then the announcement that trains had resumed on the Caboolture line but not stopping at Sunshine. Definitely a person hit by a train there. Oh God I can feel my PTSD welling up now!

The next train through Central was a Caboolture train, and I thought hang it, got to get out of the city. My heart was racing a bit, I had got sweaty, and I needed to get out of this crowd.

I got on the train and distracted myself with my laptop and didn’t notice that we had passed through Sunshine. I started to feel a lot better when I realised we were at Bald Hills a long way past. When the train finally arrived at Narangba, the last bus was waiting. I texted Sue of the what was going on but no acknowledgement. I texted Stacey to tell her mother and then I got an apology text from Sue.

After arriving home at 8.00pm, an hour later than normal, I had dinner, and then went to bed early. I fell asleep but was only asleep for about 2 hours when I was awoken to myself gagging. I had vomited into my mouth. I then felt really nauseous, dizzy and a strong headache. I went and sat up and watched TV in the lounge room to let my stomach settle and if I needed to have a further vomit. By the time it had settled down, and I was too tired to care, it was 5.00am. So I went to bed and slept till 8.30, when my alarm woke me. I texted work of my day off and then went back to bed.

Family gatherings

Woke early yet again. Today will be interesting as I go with Sue and the girls to visit Sue’s side of the family due to the passing of one of her uncles, Helmut. As we live in Deception Bay, 45 kms north of Brisbane, and they live at Regents Park, much the same distance to the south of Brisbane, a good drive was ahead.

First we had to pick up Gemma who was staying at a friends place in Margate. After picking her up and finding out the friend did not know what number she lived at, saw Gemma on the footpath further up the street than the house we waited outside.

Gemma then needed important goods from a local supermarket. After tending to that and upon driving off, I noticed the yellow fuel light was on.  Another delay! So got fuel and we were on our way. Till…as we exited from the Southern Cross Way, a radio announcement of road closures in the city due to the City2South Fun Run. So decided to go via the Story Bridge and Ipswich and Beaudesert Roads.

So half an hour late we arrived!

What a gathering of cousins and so forth! This side of the family has a number of diabetics and the range of approaches in dealing with the conditon astonished me! From me losing weight, and being very active to another having his left leg amputated, to others continuing  heavy drinking and smoking!

So after spending time with the family and the girls getting bored it was time to leave. As we left, Sue suggested that we visit her mother. Well we are on the “South-Side” of Brisbane, so might as well. We could also give her the news from her in-laws!

After a while there then headed home and had a quiet night…especially who are the first eliminated on House Rules!

Diabetes wake up call

Another day at work, but it is the last day of the week.

Woke early and got ready and heard the rain coming down. Checked the Bureau of Meteorology radar and noticed a break coming. Will head off as soon as the rain stops.

So made it to the bus, then train and walk in the city without a drop.

Then attacked the work for the day and discussed the new roles proposed for me. Seems I will be more in a support role for the team, and be able to concentrate on Sharepoint and updating and importing all the files to bring them into commonality. Also develop reporting so its timely.

Went out at lunchtime for a walk and purchase some lunch items and then came back and continued on.

As I was leaving work, felt sweaty, dizzy, and achy toes. Hope I can make it to Roma Street Station. NOT! Had to stop off at 7-11 to get a sugar fix. Once I had bought some donuts, continued on to Roma Street Station and felt a lot better, once I had taken in that dose of sugar.

The trip home was touch and go…Had I taken in enough sugar!? Had I overdone it? Was it all because I was exhausted.

I made it onto the bus and then the rain came down. Got off the  bus, ran to a shelter, put on my rain jacket stepped out and the rain stopped!  So arrived home fairly dry.

That night watched some movies, studied, and went to bed.


Welcome to winter…

In Australia, winter starts on 01 June, although it is fairly warm here in Brisbane, the forecast is for cooler temperatures as the week progresses.

Awoke earlier than normal. But was awake, and if I go back to sleep now I would be wise for wear when I wake.

Headed into work earlier than normal. Arrived in and Jamie and I the went and got coffee. This time the staff at Asana asked our names. Seems Emanuela remembers my name, and the said she won’t forget Jamie’s name as it is the same name as her boyfriend!

Back to work and compiled the stats for the previous month.

Then back into the usual routine, with one twist. I explored the usefulness of using OneNote for my searches and evidence gathering. Turns out to be real useful. Now I need to update the procedure manual even further.

I worked so hard today I forgot to have lunch. so went put to get some snack stuff in lieu. I was feeling pretty good, so diabetes was not on my radar.

Finally finished work and after a bit of mirth with the manager went and changed and then off home.

At home turned my mind to my assignment and other relaxing games before going to bed.