The ball rolls

Woke up with a heavy throat, and a bit sniffly. That’s why my blood glucose was all over the shop, I’m coming down with something. Oh well see how the day pans out. Ironed one shirt for the day and after breakfast and shower, headed off to the bus. The bus ride took me to … Continue reading The ball rolls

Funny week ends

Just another normal day at work. Finishing off files and starting new ones, and relegating others to the complex folder for later treatment as more work involved. At lunch time, checked emails and what not, and it was quiet around the ridges. This gave me a chance to plan out my busy weekend. Later in … Continue reading Funny week ends

Nearly PTSD train wreck

Breakfast BGL: 6.5 Meal: Oats and soy with fruit Carbs: 23g Morning tea Meal: Fruit and Nuts Carbs: 28g Lunch Meal: Tuna and vita-weat Carbs: 60g Dinner Meal: Dim sims Carbs: 90g Day Summary Woke at 4.00am. Got up and prepared myself for the new week, with a touch of dizziness. I had breakfast and … Continue reading Nearly PTSD train wreck

Welcome to winter…

In Australia, winter starts on 01 June, although it is fairly warm here in Brisbane, the forecast is for cooler temperatures as the week progresses. Awoke earlier than normal. But was awake, and if I go back to sleep now I would be wise for wear when I wake. Headed into work earlier than normal. … Continue reading Welcome to winter…