First bushwalk – Sunday Creek Fire Tower Site and on

At 6.00 am I was put into the backpack, put in the car and driven to Jimna. The intersection of the Kilcoy-Murgon Road and Sunday Creek Road, to be exact.

After siting there for a while and Gavin changing his shoes for boots, the others arrived – Keith, Jan, Judy and Andy and then we drove down Sunday Creek Road to the intersection with Buffalo Road (451910 7046150). The cars were parked here and we set off up the hill on Buffalo Road. Buffalo Road undulates before descending to cross Buffalo Gully and the ascending to Middle Road after 2km.

Turn right on Middle Road and then after about 300m take the old road to the left (451900 7044600). Follow this road for 1 km as it ascends to the site of the Sunday Creek Fire Tower.


Return to Middle Road and then turn left to continue along Middle Road. Continue along Middle Road and after about 2km crosses Sunday Creek. Ascend a short distance and turn right down Plank Bridge Road (4150950 7043500) and descend to Six Mile Creek. At this crossing are the remnants of the Plank Bridge.

Return to Middle Road and turn right to continue on towards Bellthorpe Road. After about 1 km Cockalorum Creek Road goes off to the left (451500 7043050). Veer right on Middle Road and descend to cross Six Mile Creek and follow for about 3 km. Turn right onto Bellthorpe Road and walk for about 500 metres to the vicinity of the bora ring (452300 7040900).

Return to the junction with Middle Road, but continue past this junction and the next Middle Road junction (large Y-junction) on Bellthorpe Road for about 3km to a track leading off to the left (name unknown). Follow this track for a short distance as it gradually descends to Six Mile Creek and ascends to Cockalorum Creek Road, about 2.5 km and a T-junction. Turn right onto Cockalorum Creek Road (4153200 7043200) and follow for about 500m to a disused road and turn left. This becomes the Constance Fire Management Trail and become a narrow track following the benched road. The track descends to Sunday Creek, where the bridge has been removed but trail and bicycle tracks show the creek crossing. Ascend the other side and then the track descends to another creek where this bridge has also been removed. Drop not the creek and walk to the right to a track from the creek to regain the road. From here the track opens up as it nears Middle Road (7052600 444700). At Middle Road turn left and follow Middle Road to the junction with Buffalo Road, about 400 metres.

Follow Buffalo Road back to the cars at Sunday Creek Road.

Total distance walked: 21 km

Total time: 7:45 hours.


What Public Holiday?

First day of the work week and in for an interesting time.

It is a public holiday at home being in the Moreton Bay Region, but not at work being in Brisbane City. However, the bus was running a public holiday timetable but the trains were running a normal weekday service. On Wednesday, the Brisbane City area has the day off and everywhere else is a normal day. The trains and Brisbane based services will be on a public holiday timetable, while all other services will run to a normal weekday.

And they want daylight saving to be zoned in Queensland, as if!!!

So, no chance of catching the bus today. Luckily Sue was willing to drive me to the station to get the train. So I stuffed around as I had extra time to get ready.

Got into work at the normal time and sorted out the priority files out and started a new one.

Received an email that my bank account details had been changed so the money won’t be far away. Then I’ll be able to go down to RACQ and sort out the membership and insurance. Also can then look at car improvements.

Arrived home to the delivery of an espresso machine, milk frother, and 700 pods. This will be an excellent raffle prize to make up the fundraising target. Would be good if I can find a second prize.

That was it for the night. Plenty of #Rio2016 action to watch. Gee, how I love the Olympics.

Commuter woes again!

Woke this morning to the last day of my week. Had the usual preparations before leaving although somewhat cooler this morning. Headed out the door and walked the customary route to the bus stop. The bus arrived as I approached the bus stop but was still 10 minutes to its timetabled departure.

While on the bus, the bus driver was playing around with the controls, opening and closing doors, turning the bus off and starting it again after a few times of this, he went out of the bus and lifted some inspection covers, came back into the bus, lifted the radio mike out of its cradle and having established communications, reported problems with the bus. After a conversation, the bus driver announced that a replacement bus was on its way.

With half an hour between buses, would the replacement get here before the next regular service? We will wait and see! The next vehicle to arrive was the mechanics minibus. He proceeded to check the bus and even reversed it up and down the bus stop to find what was wrong. Apparently there was an air leak so not enough air pressure to apply the brakes properly.

Anyway the next scheduled bus arrived, and we all piled onto this bus. The first bus driver then advised that instead of sending the replacement bus to the Deception Bay Shops, send it on to the Narangba Loop. This run would then complete and the bus driver can catch our bus and meet the run he should be on. Sounded simple to me, but the bus company hierarchy had other ideas! Then after a long pause, the bus company thought it was a good idea!

So, finally at the station and have to wait for the next train, which at this time of the morning is all stations service. Out comes the Macbook, and might as well settle in for an extended trip into work!

Then about Northgate, I felt a tad sleepy, as transport does to me! Put everything down and went for a nap. I awoke at Central Station some time after the train had disembarked its passengers. Luckily it was sitting for a while before heading off to Springfield Central. Could have been really late this morning.

Get to work, change and hit my desk 3/4 of an hour late. This was better than I had expected.

Back to the continuation of yesterday and plough through the data I have accumulated. This is complex!

At 11.15am my area is really quiet. No-one is around! Check my calendar and I’ve missed the Excel forum. Too bad. This is more important, and I am an Excel guru anyway.

Big recovery

Woke a bit late than I wanted to, so only had time to iron one shirt and pair of trousers. By the time I had taken my BGL (4.3) and had my oats and soy for breakfast and a long black, with which I took my two Lovan capsules, and then had a shower and dressed it was too ate to leave home for my usual bus. Then Sue got up and was able to take me to catch the bus. Such a #sweetheart!

Arrived at Narangba Station just before the train was due. So go out of the bus, touching “off”, touched “on” at the station and made a multi-step ascent of the stairs for the overhead bridge. On the overhead bridge made a walk of ten to the dozen and made the descent steps in no time. Went down the steps in multiple of twos and threes and made it on the train.

The train did not have any hold-ups and arrived at work at 8.23 am. However, I was paying for it. My thighs and knees were screaming for attention. Too bad! Just because you did a good job yesterday doesn’t mean I’ll be lenient on you today!!

As I was dressed for work, just needed to change my shoes and belt. I reached my desk at 8.43am. Then I started work. What will I tackle today. Perhaps more files? Continue the update work I was doing on Friday? Decisions, decisions. Then decided to tackle more files. I had got bogged down instead and that needed rectifying. I reviewed my work and determined that the files I was working on could be classed complex and moved to another folder for another day.

Having done this, I then started a new file, feeling better for it.

I then received an email from the MyGov. I logged in and was informed that the rest of the money will go into the account on Wednesday. Payday as well lovely! That is the money sorted for the car to fully own it and just need to await for the payroll to deposit the held money minus tax back into the account and on we go. Must organise insurance for the car and then think about registration, which is due in November. I have no worries about money any more. The biggest and best decision I have ever made was to get a debt agency to take over my credit card debt which resulted in all the credit cards being cancelled and one payment each fortnight to pay back the balance at a much lower rate.

Later I received an email from a fellow colleague. She suggested forming a 5:2 fasting club. This fits in nicely with managing diabetes and the opportunity to take this on would increase awareness. Now I need to do research on getting a work club off the ground and what the 5:2 diet or fasting diet is. With the diabetes connection, I emailed Charlotte to get her opinion and she was rapt with the work I am doing and suggested organising a visit by Diabetes Qld to the 5:2 club for this. Have some work to do to get this off the ground.

Having reviewed all the good news for the day, then entered the donations on the . I have to also email every the link so they can donate as well.

So the end of a busy day had ended when the manager asked what time I was going home. Oh crap! Better pack up and go!

So I changed and made the usual train and bus to be home at my normal time of 7.00pm. Due to the recovery needed sat down, watched TV, had dinner then went to bed.

Nearly PTSD train wreck


BGL: 6.5

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g

Morning tea

Meal: Fruit and Nuts

Carbs: 28g


Meal: Tuna and vita-weat

Carbs: 60g


Meal: Dim sims

Carbs: 90g

Day Summary

Woke at 4.00am. Got up and prepared myself for the new week, with a touch of dizziness. I had breakfast and ironed my trousers and 4 shirts. While having breakfast I remembered to take my PTSD medication which I had neglected for the past four days, but didn’t feel any different. I think I am on top of this!

Looking at the clock I was running short of time, however I have 10 minutes up my sleeve if I go to a different bus stop. All is sweet. Out the door at 6.50 am and caught the bus at 7.10 am near the high school.

Normal day at work, with a couple of meetings with my new team leader/supervisor as they work out their new role.

At 5.00pm noticed that it was time to leave, so made a quick exit and made it to Central Station in a good time.

Till I saw all the passengers! What is happening? Then an announcement that there were delays for Ipswich and Springfield trains due to a police incident at Sunshine Station. My heart sank. That means my line is affected as well, but they don’t know the impact as yet. Then it was announced that buses were replacing trains between Northgate and Zillmere. Hmmm! Should I go over to the Shorncliffe line? Went over there to check out the progress of trains on that line and the announcement, due to the price incident at Sunshine Station, all lines in the network are suffering residual delays.
The next Shorncliffe train was due in 20 mins. Might wait for it and get the train and bus home that way. Then the announcement that trains had resumed on the Caboolture line but not stopping at Sunshine. Definitely a person hit by a train there. Oh God I can feel my PTSD welling up now!

The next train through Central was a Caboolture train, and I thought hang it, got to get out of the city. My heart was racing a bit, I had got sweaty, and I needed to get out of this crowd.

I got on the train and distracted myself with my laptop and didn’t notice that we had passed through Sunshine. I started to feel a lot better when I realised we were at Bald Hills a long way past. When the train finally arrived at Narangba, the last bus was waiting. I texted Sue of the what was going on but no acknowledgement. I texted Stacey to tell her mother and then I got an apology text from Sue.

After arriving home at 8.00pm, an hour later than normal, I had dinner, and then went to bed early. I fell asleep but was only asleep for about 2 hours when I was awoken to myself gagging. I had vomited into my mouth. I then felt really nauseous, dizzy and a strong headache. I went and sat up and watched TV in the lounge room to let my stomach settle and if I needed to have a further vomit. By the time it had settled down, and I was too tired to care, it was 5.00am. So I went to bed and slept till 8.30, when my alarm woke me. I texted work of my day off and then went back to bed.