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It has been a while – part 3

So during this time, I battled with a liver infection, moving to a new home and now for other things that occurred.

Work moved

While away from work, my place of employment changed to a new address. I was getting apprehensive about going back to work as I needed to research its location, public transport accessibility, which roads had been closed around it, how do I obtain my security pass, among others.

I also thought I remembered what floor I was going to be on but not sure of that.

As the New Year came and went, it was time to settle my nerves as much as possible and I headed off to work. I decided to catch the bus, which was just around the corner from the new home…A BIG TICK…, and take it to Rothwell station. From there take the train to Roma Street, change trains to the lines going through South Bank then walk from South Bank, over the Goodwill Bridge and follow the bike path along the Brisbane River to work.

Upon arriving at work, I found my ID card and approached the concierge and inquired about my access card. After looking through boxes of Access Cards and not being able to find it, my heart sank. Great! Another security guard then informed me to get a temporary access card as my office’s Corporate Services had the cards associated with the area in which I worked.

Being issued with the temporary card, I made my way to my floor, via the indicated lift which took me to my floor. Upon arrival, I found my workstation and orientated myself. I sent an email to corporate services and then collected my access card. I waa then taken on a tour of the building, to see where certain rooms, printers, etc. are located, plus to ensure I had access to all required floors, including level 41 the top of the building, where large conference rooms are located, and the lower ground floor with the showers, change rooms and lockers.

Once the tour was over, I then checked the access to the software had not changed, plus get access to websites, that had expired. I then settled in to see what work was to be done.


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It has been a while – part 2

Part 2: Finding a new residence

Upon getting the notice, we went and visited a real estate agent we knew and asked if they had any places for rent. There was a place coming onto the rental market as soon as the current tenants were evicted and the landlord effected repairs to the house. Made application anyway and waited for the approval.

This was expected to happen in late November.

I contacted my current property agent and advised them of the situation. Just a couple of days later, the property manager of our current residence contacted me and advised that due to the expected time of vacating the property, the owner was going to start renovations early.

The date for vacating had been moved to 06/12/2016.

Went to the property manager of the new house and advised of the change in circumstance with our current residence. The advice received was that there were still repairs to be made but the property will be available in late November. Great, looks like we will have to clean and move within a short space of time.

Off to Bunnings we went and purchased moving boxes, tape, fragile stickers and permanent markers. Also bought sugar soap, cleaning cloths, new vacuum cleaner and spare bags, and a large bucket.

So over the ensuing weeks, packed and cleaned and rested as much as possible due to my liver infection recovery.

Every week, went to the real estate of the new house to get updates and every week was the same story. Repairs are ongoing! Report to the other property manager of these updates.  We managed to secure the property by paying two weeks rent as a deposit, and signed the lease with the commence date left open till move day.

This continued until 13/12/2016, when we were finally advised in the mid-afternoon that we could move in. We went and signed and received the paperwork and the keys and then went to the house, filled out the condition report, and then started the move. I also rang around to find a removalist, all to no avail. Will revisit in the morning. The property of manager was informed of our move and she advised that the contractors to begin renovation would be there about 4.00am Wednesday.

The first things moved were the boxes to make room to do further packing and cleaning. We moved and further packed till about 10.00pm, when tiredness overtook us and thought as it was hot that an early start would be on the cards.

The next morning started at 4.00am and loaded up the car. About 7.00am began the first move. As the moves were done the larger items were being left so after a run to the tip, went and rented a trailer. Obtained a large caged trailer and started the move of the large items – cupboards, and furniture.

My brother-in-law arrived to give a hand and just grabbed items to put in his car and took them to the new house. Our organisation for the move was falling apart.

All the while, my wife placed a call on Gumtree for a removalist and as a result one was fount move the fridge, washing machine, 2 x dryers, and lounge suite. We would be contacted when he would arrive to start that removal.

As each room was emptied, and the items from that room placed in the equivalent room in the new house, the final clean was done. And soon it went, until the place had been cleaned out, cleaned up and we could clear out at 1.00am.

Unfortunately, the two sheds in the back yard and the caravan would be moved at a later date.

Went to the new home and crashed.

Next day, went back to the old house and found the owners there. I spoke them about the situation and that would endeavour to remove the sheds and caravan as soon as possible. Given the OK, I went to the backyard and proceeded to empty the sheds. Luckily the new house had a large shed to accommodate the gear from these sheds.

After emptying the sheds, I managed to move the small shed intact. This shed will go to the new house. So I walked it down the side of the old house, down the hill and onto the trailer. Then the shed was walked down the side of the new house and placed in the backyard to find a home for it at a later date.

Then over the next few days, the large shed was demolished and taken to the tip.

On the 27th December, 2016, the caravan was finally moved to the new abode. That saga was over. The new year came with a major de-stress. I was due back at work the first Monday of 2017!

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It has been a while

Due to my health issues, sudden requirement to move house, and my wife’s depression it has been a while since my last post. So what has happened – a story in three parts:

Part 1: Recovery from a liver infection

It has been a while since my last blog. This has been due to being very unwell over the last few months.

Prior to September 2016, I was having bouts of headaches, dizziness, sneezing, coughing and severe aching right across the top of my chest. These bouts would last a couple of days then disappear for a few weeks before returning.

However in September, it all came to a head, when I was out bushwalking in Springbrook National Park, in the Gold Coast hinterland. The walk was a 17km walk, which I had done many times.

departing from home, although I was feeling a little ill, I thought a bushwalk always does me good, so why not go and enjoy the day. As well as my usual pack of food, water, glucose test meter, barley sugars and fruit, I also packed some new on the market Nuromol, a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Once the walk was started, I felt fairly lethargic and foggy, but as the walk progressed, I came out of that fogginess, and improved. However by lunchtime, I was returning to the feeling I had earlier. This is not normal. As the day wore on, I was getting worse, and fatigued greatly. I pushed on as I didn’t want to cause to much grief for the rest of the group, and made it out safely. After the walk, went and had soft drink and a cake, found my blood glucose was low but above the 3.9 mmol/l limit at 4.1. This alleviated my condition, but was only a temporary improvement.

On the way home, (luckily I was driven by a friend), I made a decision to make inquiries about my health. I decided I would contact Qld Health on their 13HEALTH phone number and discuss my next move.

Upon contacting 13HEALTH and describing my symptoms, an ambulance was called and I was transported to Redcliffe Hospital.

MRSA – Golden Staphylococcus?

In Redcliffe Hospital, I was assessed and given blood tests. I was taken to the isolation ward and placed into a room. Every so often different medical personnel visited me dressed in plastic garb covering their body. What have I got?? As the night progressed, and more tests, I was finally released with the diagnosis of it is not MRSA. My symptoms had also faded. As it was very late at night I gained a medical certificate for the next day off and decided to go get some sleep and then see how I was the next day.

Mosquito-borne infection?

The next day I was still suffering from the same symptoms. I made an appointment to see my regular GP. When the time for the appointment arrived I went and laid out all the symptoms to my doctor. The doctor then got me to lay down and upon poking and prodding at my abdomen found my liver to be tender. So, based on my recent movements in the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, the doctor said it looks like a mosquito-borne virus. So off to get a blood test for Ross River Virus; Barmah Forest Virus; Hepatitis A, B & C virus group; Chikungunya Virus; Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR); C-reactive protein (CRP); bilirubin; and blood count.

I went home and fell asleep and I slept for hours. I awoke for hunger, dealt with it and went back to sleep. I then needed to go to the toilet and the urine was brown. This is not good! Will check next toilet trip and if the same, the doctor will be contacted. For that week, I had that much sleep I could not remember much of the week.

I went back to the doctor a week later for the results of the test. And interesting results they were:
Ross River Virus – immune
Barmah Forest Virus – immune
Hepatitis A, B & C – immune
Chikungunyah Virus – no immunity and not present
ESR – elevated indicating inflammation
CSP – elevated indicating inflammation
Bilirubin – very high – I should be jaundiced!
Blood count – anaemic

Liver function was found to be 20%.

So the result was unknown infection of the liver. Treatment required alcohol abstinence, rest and Nurofen.

Two weeks later I had another blood test and apart from the monitoring of ESR and CSP, I was also tested for brucellosis, mad cow disease and other agricultural type diseases. These also proved negative.

Every two weeks it was the same thing. New round of blood tests to check ESR and CRP and to investigate other viruses that attack the liver. Each result was the same.

After about a month the liver showed signs of recovery but was a slow recovery. The recovery took until just before Christmas as it was exacerbated in early November with the news that my family and I had to find a new place to live, and had two months to vacate, as the owner was going to renovate the property after Christmas. The end result was that it was likely a lesser prevalent form of Hepatitis like Hep-E or Hep-H or one of the other letters of the alphabet.

Since then I have never felt better. I have not had the symptoms which had recurred every few months leading up to this serious bout, so I think that is it!

Part 2: Finding a new residence

Volunteer work

Woke early and prepared to go to Caboolture and join the Wy-Wurry walkers around Centenary Lakes. Arriving at 6.40am, I was 15 minutes early, but gave me a chance to set up and take an early morning photo.

The rest of the group arrived and then set off for the 5km walk. After the walk, went to a coffee shop, had my customary long black and then headed home.

Had to fill my prescription for my PTSD medications and decided to go to Terry White Chemist at Burpengary to get it filled. While there, thought it a good idea to do some shopping. After making my purchases and ensuring I had bought enough for the family, went home.

At home a I gathered the washing and put it in the washing machine. I then noticed I had forgotten one thing – soap powder. Have enough here for a couple of loads, but hope there is no more to wash pending replacement of said soap powder.

After getting the washing going, Sue announced that she and the kids were going to the movies. That means I will have to walk to Bushcare.

After lunch, gathered my tools into my backpack and went off to Bushcare. I had a number of cheques to deliver to Andy as well so decided to call in on the way. After 3 km, I arrived at Andy’s and dropped off the cheques. Then we walked the 1.5 km to bushcare.

At bushcare it was a case of pulling up broad-leaved pepper seedlings and then start cutting down the more mature trees, which we had started the month before. As Andy and I were cutting the trees down the stumps were dabbed with glyphosate weed killer by the council staff member.
One hour and a half later it was time to review our work and pack up. Then Andy and I walked the 1.5 km to his place, and I continued on home.

At home, it was time to study and ready myself for tomorrow’s walk. I then watched the Olympics and then went to bed.

The subtleties of diabetes

Woke really early. Have no idea why! Anyway took the opportunity for an early breakfast and the looked around to what tiding up needed to be done, and what needed to go back into the caravan or back shed.

I am waking up these mornings busting to go to the toilet. This particular morning, my left kidney also had a dull ache. Hope it was just because of the damming of the urine and nothing else. Will keep an eye on it during the day!

Sue woke and readied herself to go visit her mother. I ducked out and purchased groceries that would see me and the kids through for the day.

When I came back, washed the car as the mower man had covered it in debris from the whipping snipping and mowing done on Friday.

Then Sue departed and I fed the washing machine. There was a load in the machine from last night I hung out. Then I opened the shed. This shed has a double door and it has settled into the ground that the main door only opens to a 45 degree angle. I tried to open the other door but to no avail. The grass and soil seemed clear. What’s stopping it from opening??! Anyway went inside and had a look at the pile of items to move. I know! If I clear a section of the shed, I can put the rainbow cupboard in the shed for extra storage.

Must get the other shed door open. So back to the shed, I lean on the door then realise, need to take the bottom bolt off. Did so and viola! Open door. Now to clean the corner of the shed and make room for the cupboard. This bit was easy, now to move the cupboard. So, I wheeled the trolley to the cupboard, put the cupboard on the trolley and wheeled it the she. Realising that I need to have the door side of the cupboard facing me on the trolley so I can back into its resting spot, rotated the cupboard and recommenced the move. I stood the cupboard in the doorway and found it was 1 cm shorter than the opening. This is going to be tricky. After a bit of heaving, jiggling, shaking, and brute force the cupboard finished on a layer of bricks.

Then I went inside and moved the items to go into the shed. Once satisfied that I had moved everything to there, I went down to the caravan and opened it and moved those items. In the meantime, I did not realise how much time I had spent doing this and started to get grumpy. I checked my watch 1.00pm – I am hungry!!!

Had lunch and then continued on.

I had moved most things when Sue came home, so the lounge room was looking great.

The rest of the day alternated between club newsletter, blogs and cleaning up, and continued till bed time.

The blood glucose levels all day were in the 4s to 5s range – really good, but I started to have gastric twinges. Perhaps I have a slight abdominal infection and my kidneys are working overtime to flush it out!

I did notice however one of my toes on each foot felt like it had chill blains and I had numbness in the left leg to go with it…Will monitor and I have to see my doctor shortly to get the annual check done.

Big recovery

Woke a bit late than I wanted to, so only had time to iron one shirt and pair of trousers. By the time I had taken my BGL (4.3) and had my oats and soy for breakfast and a long black, with which I took my two Lovan capsules, and then had a shower and dressed it was too ate to leave home for my usual bus. Then Sue got up and was able to take me to catch the bus. Such a #sweetheart!

Arrived at Narangba Station just before the train was due. So go out of the bus, touching “off”, touched “on” at the station and made a multi-step ascent of the stairs for the overhead bridge. On the overhead bridge made a walk of ten to the dozen and made the descent steps in no time. Went down the steps in multiple of twos and threes and made it on the train.

The train did not have any hold-ups and arrived at work at 8.23 am. However, I was paying for it. My thighs and knees were screaming for attention. Too bad! Just because you did a good job yesterday doesn’t mean I’ll be lenient on you today!!

As I was dressed for work, just needed to change my shoes and belt. I reached my desk at 8.43am. Then I started work. What will I tackle today. Perhaps more files? Continue the update work I was doing on Friday? Decisions, decisions. Then decided to tackle more files. I had got bogged down instead and that needed rectifying. I reviewed my work and determined that the files I was working on could be classed complex and moved to another folder for another day.

Having done this, I then started a new file, feeling better for it.

I then received an email from the MyGov. I logged in and was informed that the rest of the money will go into the account on Wednesday. Payday as well lovely! That is the money sorted for the car to fully own it and just need to await for the payroll to deposit the held money minus tax back into the account and on we go. Must organise insurance for the car and then think about registration, which is due in November. I have no worries about money any more. The biggest and best decision I have ever made was to get a debt agency to take over my credit card debt which resulted in all the credit cards being cancelled and one payment each fortnight to pay back the balance at a much lower rate.

Later I received an email from a fellow colleague. She suggested forming a 5:2 fasting club. This fits in nicely with managing diabetes and the opportunity to take this on would increase awareness. Now I need to do research on getting a work club off the ground and what the 5:2 diet or fasting diet is. With the diabetes connection, I emailed Charlotte to get her opinion and she was rapt with the work I am doing and suggested organising a visit by Diabetes Qld to the 5:2 club for this. Have some work to do to get this off the ground.

Having reviewed all the good news for the day, then entered the donations on the https://greatoceanroad2016.everydayhero.com/au/gavin/ . I have to also email every the link so they can donate as well.

So the end of a busy day had ended when the manager asked what time I was going home. Oh crap! Better pack up and go!

So I changed and made the usual train and bus to be home at my normal time of 7.00pm. Due to the recovery needed sat down, watched TV, had dinner then went to bed.

Fundraising adventure

Woke early and did final preparations for a fundraising #gavinswaterbottle adventure. Got a bit of gear for today to promote and collect money from attendees.

Andy was due at 8.00am to collect me, and finally arrived at 8.30am. As the weather was still overcast, I doubted on the number that might turn up, but still got to give it my all.

We arrived at Beerburrum State School just before 9.00 am and was met by 6 others. After collecting the registrations and money ($100 in total), locked them away and put on my gear and off we went on the adventure. More details at Glasshouse Bushwalkers Blog Site

Arrived home at 7.30pm and went and had a shower and put the clothes through the washing machine. Then it was time for hot dogs and to watch “Goosebumps”band then to bed. I’ll deal with the ironing in the morning.

Here comes the weekend!


Meal: Oats in bowl with hot water

Carbs: 20g


Meal: Chilli tuna and vita-weats

Carbs: 23g

Afternoon Tea

Meal: Apple, banana, chocolate

Carbs: 45g


Meal: fish and chips and dagwood dog

Carbs: 115g

Day Summary

Woke at 5.00am after 6.75 hours of sleep. Went and turned on the TV to catch up on the overnight news on #7News morning edition. While watching the news, went to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Turned on the kettle, turned round and… no Quick Oats! What can I do to replace this…. No bread! Looks like a long black for breakfast! Will have to get breakfast in town now!

So left for work and caught my usual transport, then once in town, went to the Night Owl near my work and purchased Oats in a bowl for breakfast. Went into work and had another long black and the oats.

I am still coming to terms with the use of the new glucometer so no reliable readings have been taken.

Quiet day at work with other staff in the pod absent. Gave me a real chance to work on older files.

Have to work on the club newsletter at some time, but first need to clarify the status of the Beerwah and Beerburrum forests as they were closed due to the poor weather.

Also need to prepare for the Bushwalking Queensland Inc and Bushwalking Australia Inc. meetings coming up in the next two weeks.

Went home and got a call to meet at Want the Food and purchased fish and chips and a dagwood dog and then went home for a quiet night.

PTSD downer?


BGL: 4.2

Meal: Oats and soy with fruit

Carbs: 23g


BGL: 3.6 – hypo

Meal: White bread slices

Carbs: 20g

Afternoon Tea

Meal: Zebra Cake from Cheesecake Shop

Carbs: 130g


Meal: Chicken schnitzels and veges

Carbs: 70g

Bed Time

BGL: 4.3

Day Summary

Woke at 10.00am. Felt worse than before. Might be just because I have woken up. What a way to spend my 19th anniversary of being married! Anyway had my usual breakfast so that there was something in the stomach to throw up if that was the case.

With the billy lids home due to school holidays, it was a chance to relax and get this dealt with. Around lunch time, I felt really good. Had some bread as a precaution, but really recovered. Even the headache and dizziness were gone. Sue mentioned the need for some groceries, so I decided to go and get an anniversary cake. I drove to the Cheesecake Shop at Margate and came home with a zebra cake, with Happy Anniversary on a dark chocolate plaque placed on the cake.

On return to home, I was asked about the grocery items and yes, I had forgotten something! So, as I still had Andy’s shoes, took them to him, sorted out some Bushwalking Queensland Inc. issues and then picked up some bread. Redemption!

So back home and hit the cake! Yum Yum Yum!!

Dinner that night was the usual fare, but I believe that I am getting Sue out of her rut!!

Into bed and get a good nights sleep. Made sure the alarm was set…