It has been a while – part 3

So during this time, I battled with a liver infection, moving to a new home and now for other things that occurred.

Work moved

While away from work, my place of employment changed to a new address. I was getting apprehensive about going back to work as I needed to research its location, public transport accessibility, which roads had been closed around it, how do I obtain my security pass, among others.

I also thought I remembered what floor I was going to be on but not sure of that.

As the New Year came and went, it was time to settle my nerves as much as possible and I headed off to work. I decided to catch the bus, which was just around the corner from the new home…A BIG TICK…, and take it to Rothwell station. From there take the train to Roma Street, change trains to the lines going through South Bank then walk from South Bank, over the Goodwill Bridge and follow the bike path along the Brisbane River to work.

Upon arriving at work, I found my ID card and approached the concierge and inquired about my access card. After looking through boxes of Access Cards and not being able to find it, my heart sank. Great! Another security guard then informed me to get a temporary access card as my office’s Corporate Services had the cards associated with the area in which I worked.

Being issued with the temporary card, I made my way to my floor, via the indicated lift which took me to my floor. Upon arrival, I found my workstation and orientated myself. I sent an email to corporate services and then collected my access card. I waa then taken on a tour of the building, to see where certain rooms, printers, etc. are located, plus to ensure I had access to all required floors, including level 41 the top of the building, where large conference rooms are located, and the lower ground floor with the showers, change rooms and lockers.

Once the tour was over, I then checked the access to the software had not changed, plus get access to websites, that had expired. I then settled in to see what work was to be done.


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Monday Monday

Back to another working week. Up early as usual and couldn’t decide how many shirts to iron. Then the rain came down. Guess I’ll just worry about today’s clothes and eave it to tomorrow.

So trousers and one shirt were given a touch up with the iron.

When it was time to leave home, the rain had stopped so I decided it will b alright to wear my work trousers and shirt in and only have to change the belt and shoes when I arrived at work. Wrong guess! Nearly at the bus when the heavens opened. Hope I dry out before I get into work!!

So I get into work and have dried out, and manage to dodge the rain waking from Central to work. Change my belt and shoes and then head upstairs.

And that was it…back into the working week. Rahul should be back today, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of him! Must be getting dragged around to get his updates!

Then it was lunch and I decided to get out for a walk for lunch. There is something I have to do. Can’t think of it, but a walk around may clear the air. Bought some extras for lunch and felt really peckish. Back at work had lunch and started to feel better.

After lunch I went back to work and started to feel a bit worse. Oh well battle through!

At knock off time, I had come good to go home. But after travelling home, I walked in the front door and very sweaty. I thought it was humidity in the air, but after a glucotest found it to be low…3.5!!! Hopefully the silverside and veges will help me recover.

I eventually improved, and once I settled down went to bed. Sue then asked me if I had paid the water bill…that’s what I was going to do at lunch!

Funny week ends

Just another normal day at work. Finishing off files and starting new ones, and relegating others to the complex folder for later treatment as more work involved.

At lunch time, checked emails and what not, and it was quiet around the ridges. This gave me a chance to plan out my busy weekend.

Later in the afternoon was summonsed to an afternoon tea to say farewell to Dasha, a psychology masters student, who had completed part of her course work in Behavioural Economics. Wonder who the next student is going to be?

Went back to the desk and an mail from Charlotte. Need to complete a volunteer form for Diabetes Qld as the second leader. I was also advised that Noosa was out for a venue for the March Trek and Warrie Circuit had been selected. Will have a look at accommodation at Springbrook and get back to Charlotte with initial findings.

Then I went home after cleaning off my desk in preparation for the new monitors.

At home had a new look at the study material. Must apply for SARAS once I get the study plan, watched the Olympics and went to bed.

Study re-jig

Normal day at work, especially after a public holiday!

Got stuck into work and cleared a number of files that did not pose any risks to the organisation for which I worked, although some will need referring to the right jurisdiction.

At lunch time, I headed off to Frontier Leadership, 445 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill to re-ignite my study plan after it was derailed by them moving, IT problems, two family deaths and a number of other obstacles. With me when it rains, it pours.

So after an hour, sorted it all out and was supplied with the next three units. Yippee! Now I can apply for SARAS, so I get the pay rise at the end of the course!

Went back to work and had lunch and then back to the grindstone.

A storm came through late in the day, telling me it was time to think about going home. So I made my way home and received a text from Sue that she would meet me at Hungry Jack’s. What a fine idea!!!

Got home and had a look through the three units, checked out the online resources, and familiarised myself with Frontier Leadership’s new web-site. I am so ready now!!

Watched the Olympics, fell asleep in the chair and went to bed.

Shoot the messenger

Another work day and the public transport is back to normal!

Arrived at work and got stuck into it. This file looks like it is getting complex. Might park this and go to the next one.


I sent an email to Charlotte about the raffle I was proposing to hold. Her out of office reply meant I will be expecting a reply on Thursday.

I continued on with work and the next thing I know is it was nearly too late for lunch. I was also supposed to go to Frontier Leadership and have a chat about re-programming the course. Need to sort that out on Thursday as well.

The end of the work day came upon me as a surprise as well so made quick tracks and left work.

Once home it was back the Olympics highlights and the new days competitions.

What Public Holiday?

First day of the work week and in for an interesting time.

It is a public holiday at home being in the Moreton Bay Region, but not at work being in Brisbane City. However, the bus was running a public holiday timetable but the trains were running a normal weekday service. On Wednesday, the Brisbane City area has the day off and everywhere else is a normal day. The trains and Brisbane based services will be on a public holiday timetable, while all other services will run to a normal weekday.

And they want daylight saving to be zoned in Queensland, as if!!!

So, no chance of catching the bus today. Luckily Sue was willing to drive me to the station to get the train. So I stuffed around as I had extra time to get ready.

Got into work at the normal time and sorted out the priority files out and started a new one.

Received an email that my bank account details had been changed so the money won’t be far away. Then I’ll be able to go down to RACQ and sort out the membership and insurance. Also can then look at car improvements.

Arrived home to the delivery of an espresso machine, milk frother, and 700 pods. This will be an excellent raffle prize to make up the fundraising target. Would be good if I can find a second prize.

That was it for the night. Plenty of #Rio2016 action to watch. Gee, how I love the Olympics.

Run of the mill day

Usual morning and arrived at work and started where I had left off yesterday. If this file is not complete today, I will park it and go to the next outstanding one and deal with it to progress at a later time. Only one in my pod today so a quiet and uneventful day.

Headed home after work and had an early night to get up early for the #Rio2016 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Design thinker?

Had to get into work early as I was going off to a workshop as part of a major project for work.

Amazingly, I made the bus half an hour earlier and so had a bit of time at work to collect my gear and then head off to the workshop in Eagle Street. This workshop was interesting especially introducing me to “design thinking”. This style of thinking suits me well so I must do more study on it to perfect it!

With the workshop taking all day and a common theme developed to progress the project for work, not much else happened. I went back to work and put in another hour before going home, just to get to a point that I could hit the ground running on Friday.

Headed home and had a quiet night and went to bed early.

Commuter woes again!

Woke this morning to the last day of my week. Had the usual preparations before leaving although somewhat cooler this morning. Headed out the door and walked the customary route to the bus stop. The bus arrived as I approached the bus stop but was still 10 minutes to its timetabled departure.

While on the bus, the bus driver was playing around with the controls, opening and closing doors, turning the bus off and starting it again after a few times of this, he went out of the bus and lifted some inspection covers, came back into the bus, lifted the radio mike out of its cradle and having established communications, reported problems with the bus. After a conversation, the bus driver announced that a replacement bus was on its way.

With half an hour between buses, would the replacement get here before the next regular service? We will wait and see! The next vehicle to arrive was the mechanics minibus. He proceeded to check the bus and even reversed it up and down the bus stop to find what was wrong. Apparently there was an air leak so not enough air pressure to apply the brakes properly.

Anyway the next scheduled bus arrived, and we all piled onto this bus. The first bus driver then advised that instead of sending the replacement bus to the Deception Bay Shops, send it on to the Narangba Loop. This run would then complete and the bus driver can catch our bus and meet the run he should be on. Sounded simple to me, but the bus company hierarchy had other ideas! Then after a long pause, the bus company thought it was a good idea!

So, finally at the station and have to wait for the next train, which at this time of the morning is all stations service. Out comes the Macbook, and might as well settle in for an extended trip into work!

Then about Northgate, I felt a tad sleepy, as transport does to me! Put everything down and went for a nap. I awoke at Central Station some time after the train had disembarked its passengers. Luckily it was sitting for a while before heading off to Springfield Central. Could have been really late this morning.

Get to work, change and hit my desk 3/4 of an hour late. This was better than I had expected.

Back to the continuation of yesterday and plough through the data I have accumulated. This is complex!

At 11.15am my area is really quiet. No-one is around! Check my calendar and I’ve missed the Excel forum. Too bad. This is more important, and I am an Excel guru anyway.


The day started of as a normal day. The having missed my normal train had to settle for the one 6 minutes later. Still no big deal get to start work at the same time. Then as the train departed Northgate Station, it seemed to be stop-start. Then the announcement – due to signal failure at Bowen Hills, all trains are using one track (usually its 4 tracks) and so need to wait their turn. This went on through Nundah, Toombul, Eagle Juction, Wooloowin, and Albion stations. As we approached Bowen Hills the train was moved to the right set of tracks. We are going into the city the other way. Then the announcement – due to congestion, this train will now run to Bowen Hills stopping all stations. That is, first stop Roma Street, then Central, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills.

Question for me – which station do I get off now? I takes me 14 minutes to walk from Roa Street to work. It takes 12 minutes to walk to work from Central, and there is about three minutes on the train between Roma Street and Central. Hmmm! Think I’ll get off at Central.

When the train stopped at Central, a lot of people were confused. Not used to getting off the train in this direction. How dare they upset my normal travel pattern. Geez people! get a life, it is great to change it up every so often.

So, in to work I went and had the most mundane day I have had for a while. These complex files take a lot of work and need a lot of headway to show progress!

In the meantime I had an email conversation with Charlotte about the March challenge and Sam about the Whale Watching Walk and between us information made its way around.

So before I knew it it was time for lunch. Packed up my lunch gear and went to the small kitchen and had a hearty lunch of the usual tuna and vita what biscuits.

After lunch it was back to the grindstone till I felt a tad weary. Need to go out for a walk. So I walked to Coles and bought some more lunch supplies and shampoo as I was nearly out. Good time to do the shopping as it was nice and quiet.

Back to work and put in another two hours of solid spreadsheeting before realising it was time to wind up the cat and put the clock out.

So out I went, changed and hustled to Roma Street Station. Caught my usual train, sat down and updated this blog. I write this blog on Pages on my Macbook and then at the end of the night or the next morning upload it to the WordPress site.

So the rest of the night saw me deep in thought about where I am, where I wish to go, and where do I wish to take the organisations in which I am in the leadership.